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Pesaro e Urbino Ancona Macerata Fermo Ascoli Piceno

Ancona:Itineraries Ancona, History

Holidays and Itineraries Ancona, history

The foundation of Ancona (whose origins trace back to the Bronze Age) dates back to the 4th century b.C. and it was made by the Greeks. At the entrance of the Port one ...... (go on)

Macerata:Itineraries in Macerata

Holidays and Itineraries in Macerata area.

you decide not to brave the mountain detour head north-west from Amandola for Sarnano, a splendid town with an outstanding medieval quarter that refuses to stay on the level...... (go on)

Ascoli Piceno:The irresistible charm of Ascoli Piceno, Holidays 2010 Marche

Ascoli Piceno is the southern Marche's.

It is famous for its precious city centre and for the elegant Piazza del Popolo (13th cent.) in particular, its main square, entirely paved with travertine ...... (go on)